Confidence, Motivation and Success

Hello loves, been a while since I blogged. Trying to get back into that mode that I love, writing! Working on building my love for beauty, fashion, writing and technology into something that intertwine and compliment each other.

A lot of times it is easy to get overwhelmed, unmotivated and unproductive while trying to juggle between your passion and you living till you get your passion to become your source of income or independence.

We often get lost trying to thrive in a world full of people either trying to do the same thing we are doing or things trying to push us down, lack of confidence and motivation.

Normally when I take pictures and I edit them, I like to keep emphasis on me/subject and blur or whiten the background but as I try to do that this time I realize something while playing with the edits (same picture but different views or interpretations):

1. This picture represents all the times we try to blend in, fit in and gain acceptance. We work so hard trying to find that thing that makes us shine like others, yet we blend in and never stand out. You work so hard but not seeing results or seeing it quickly. Sometimes it’s takes a long time to find that one or two things that makes you special.  Sometimes it feels like you are alone. Sometimes the people you look up to for acceptance or praise will not see what you trying to do or be your number one fan. It becomes easy to get lost in it all or give up.

2. The picture above is for those times when we struggle to blend in so much we start to struggle to focus, starts to fade away or get lost. This phase is when you begin to self doubt. You tell yourself, it is hard. You start to think and tell yourself so many people are doing it, so why do it too. This stage is the most difficult stage, you will need to fight for it, believe in yourself. I read something on an Instagram post that said “what if Beyoncé never released an album/record because she thought there were too many singers?” Do you think she will be the superstar she is today?

Have you noticed multiple dry cleaners or donuts shops on a street and wonder how they are still in business? The truth, is not getting lost in this thoughts but keep at it and find what makes yours different and drives people to you. Do not allow yourself to fade away, forgo your passion or kill your dreams.

3. This 3rd picture, is once we realize we can’t be everybody, please everyone, we work hard to stand out in our own way, be different and start not to blend in or fade out but start to shine and dominate our surroundings. You start to be You.

You have to be, done trying to figure out who is with you or against you or in the middle because they can’t pick a side. You have to realize that validation is for parking, others opinion are a dime in a dozen and will come or not come. You need to realize that if you give up, you weren’t worthy of it to begin with.

The process works when you work hard for it, believe in it, suffer for it and keep at it. It is not going to be easy or quick. You’ve got to be confident, be your own motivations/motivator, celebrate small wins, learn from mistakes and stand tall.

Find what makes you special, what makes you shine and fight for it, nurture it and it will grow and you will not see it as a job but rather a source of happiness and as a means of livelihood. This is something I am also working on daily.

Hope this motivates someone today and this week and everyday. Have a blessed week, loves!

Products Used :


Norvina Palette – Drama, Passion, Celestial , Wild child

juvias place The Zulu Palette – Purple

Urban Decay Cosmetics– Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner – Midnight Cowboy


Urban Decay Cosmetics – All nighter foundation – 10

Juvia’s Place– Saharan blush vol 2- Tau

Too Faced Cosmetics – Prismatic highlighter- You Light up my World


Mac Cosmetics lip pencil -Chestnut

fentybeauty plush mattemoiselle lipstick- One of the Boyz .

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